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With a wink and a nod to the FACES

With a wink and a nod to the Faces

With a wink and a nod to the Faces

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Before there was “Rod Stewart Super Rock Star” there was a shy young man buskin’ through Europe on an empty stomach. Discovered by Long John Baldly he was added to the roster of Steampacket  until he was called up to replace Steve Mariott of the Small Face.  The renamed Faces tasked Rod with the lead singing which sometimes he

performed off stage because of his painful shyness. In one video Ronnie Lane, outgoing and jovial, is seen playfully kicking Rod back on stage to finish the song, when Rod tried to sneak off. With his pal Ronnie Wood also in the band( Ian Mc Lagan andKenny Jones rounded out the line-up) ,they soon had a reputation for on and off stage antics as they were quite the merry pranksters. Though their style was loose the electricity of the band, and Rod in particular, was undeniable. With a folk/rock vibe, they created a particular brand of  70’s music that is unique and seeing a renassaince today in bands like Head and the Heart, Mumford and Sons and more. “ A Wink and a Nod to the Faces” is an homage to Faces and their unequaled and unique musical style that resided in a very short but memorable period of rock history. Songs like Ooh La La, Stay With Me, plus noteworthy covers of old standards and hits of the time such as; Angel(Hendrix), Cut Across Shorty, Country Comforts(Elton John), It’s All Over Now(Stones), and Maybe I’m Amazed(Mc Cartney)  delivered a rocking’ good time by the Faces. A Wink and a Nod will take you back there with their honest tribute to Faces. Ronnie Wood went on to join the incomparable Rolling Stones as Ron Wood(guitar) and has a budding film career as a septegarian. Ronnie Lane(Bass) original founder of the the Small faces with Steve Marriott wrote many of the greatest hits with both bands. He passed away in1997 after a battle with cancer and was much missed by his ex-band mates. Kenny Jones(Drums) replaced Keith Moon after Moons untimely death and has been their long-standing drummer to date. Ian Mc Lagan enjoyed a long career in rock and roll history, wrote an enthralling bestseller about his many musical journey’s “All the Rage: A Riotous Romp Through Rock & Roll History”, survived the passing of his first love and dear wife who was the victim of an accident while texting. He recently passed to the sorrow of everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. Rod Stewart launched his solo career and rose to the pinnacle of Rock’n’roll stardom where he resides today and has been knighted by the Queen. He remained friends with all his Faces band mates and in his autobiography “Rod

The Autobiography” he recalls the bands camaraderie and escapades with fondness. The Faces were inducted into the Rock’n’Roll hall of fame in 2012

For all that is, Rod Stewart, Faces, Steampacket, and Jeff Beck go to Smiler the official Rod Stewart FC(fanclub) Cheers Mates!


Postscript: In videos you can see a stand-up piano on stage towards the back. It is a well stocked bar as well as a prop.

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